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Motion Capturing with XBus Master B

Bachelor in de Toegepaste Informatica


Abstract :
My project is about the XBus Master B from XSens Technologies. It comprises 4 parts: the connection with the devices to MATLAB, the connection to Simulink, creating a GUI in MATLAB for this device and creating artificial neural networks.
The XBus Master B makes it possible to connect multiple motion trackers to a pc. These motion trackers provide both 3D orientation as kinematic data: 3D acceleration, 3D rate gyro, and 3D earth-magnetic field. The motion trackers are an excellent measurement tool for human body movements. The entire project was developed in the MATLAB environment (MATLAB itself, Simulink and GUIDE)

This assignment is a part of a larger project. In the future it is possible to use the XBus and its motion trackers, together with my code, for the movement of a prosthesis. Therefore it is needed to combine my project and another project where they use sensors to measure muscle contraction.

My assignment was to connect the XBus Master to MATLAB and Simulink.
As said before, my assignment will be divided in 4 parts. The first phase will be the connection to MATLAB, which is used for the other parts as well. After this part, the Simulink model and the GUI will be developed. They both use the code developed in the first phase. The GUI will provide a new look on the orientation of the motion trackers. It will have graphs on which the angles of the motion trackers are plotted, and also some other objects that will make it easier and more ergonomic to view the data that is retrieved from the XBus Master.
The 4th part, the artificial neural networks, is used for the prediction of movements, for example the movement of an arm, in very a small time interval (milliseconds). These will also have some graphs (a graph to see the actual data, and one graph where it is possible to see the calculated function of the neural networks)

The artificial neural networks are quite difficult to understand, because of the mathematics. The study of these networks is also an important thing that I've been working on.

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