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Worktime Manager

MERKEN, Wesley
Toegepaste Informatica


Abstract :
INSTICC (Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication) is an international scientific, non-profit association for the development and dissemination of scientific knowledge in the areas of information systems and technologies, control and communications.
The purpose of this project is to create a system for both employees and managers, to register, request and manage the working hours. In this way, employees will have a better view of their working hours and they will have more control about their salary. Managers on the other hand will be able to see all statistics for the employees and they will also be able to accept or decline working hour requests, give employees rest days, add salary, ...
In detail, the project supports a biometric system that is being used for registering work time of INSTICC employees. Sometimes people forget to register their check-in or check-out so the system must allow for manual corrections, which need to be validated by the supervisor.
The user must also be able to request additional worked periods when they couldn't login because of certain circumstances, for example when they were at conferences, or when they just requested to do their work at home.
The system must distinguish 3 types of users which have certain privileges regarding seeing information about users, requests, salary etc. We would also like to integrate in this system the holiday periods of each employee, given rest days and consider both overtime and weekend work because these have to be paid at a different rate than regular working days.
The most important feature of this project is the ability to collect all data from each individual employee. Afterwards, the supervisor will be able to see all kinds of statistics about the employees, based on their working periods, requests, adaptability and overtime. At the end of the month, the system must pre-process the salary of each employee, taking in account all the hours at their different rates, holidays etc. This information must be exported to an Excel file.
This project will be a Windows Forms application, written in C# and using Telerik Components in Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, interfacing with a remote SQL database, which has to be completely renewed to fit the needs of the project requirements.

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