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Title : UAS Manager
Author :
Abstract : The UAS (Unattended Automatic System) is one department in Zetes. The UAS is responsible for the installation of Zetes products and services for these products. Basically, the aim is to develop a form-based application for the UAS department that consists of the following important functions:

• Contract Management: The user can make a new contract with existing customers and modify the existing contract with new machines or new maintenances or a new validity date. The maintenance is valid only if it is related to a valid contract.
• Main Agenda: The user can view all the filtered services with requested parameters in four custom calendars. The user can assign the pending service to an exact date and a technician or modify the service such as changing the technician or the service date. The assigned service will be added to the technician agenda and an automatic e-mail will be sent to the technician to inform him about his service.
• Technician Agenda: The logged in technician is able to view his agenda in four custom calendars in the same structure as the main agenda. Clicking on a date button, he will view the related information about his task and he is also able to change the date of a task to an available date.
• Repair Form: After the technician finishes his task, he fills in the repair form related to his task such as duration of service, used materials etc. When the repair form is confirmed, the invoice will be created.
• Emergency: Emergency is another type of service but its process is different than maintenance. The important point is that emergency is valid only for existing customers. After all required confirmation for the emergency, it will be added to the main agenda and it will be possible to assign a date and a technician for this emergency.

Some tables such as the customer table correspond with the ERP system of Zetes which is called SAGE. This means that the customer table in our database will be updated by windows service which will be implemented by me or someone else.

In case the user wants to run the application outside of Zetes' local network, he has to connect to the Zetes server via VPN which stands for Virtual Private Network. VPN enables the user to connect remotely to the Zetes network and run the application as the user is in local network of Zetes.

The application will be written in C# and SQL-server as a database, so I am developing the application under Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio.
Publisher : Xios
Publication date : 2011
Full text :
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Type : Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
Language :
  • Dutch
Rights : All rights reserved
Degree name : Professionele bachelor Toegepaste Informatica
Degree level : Bachelor
Discipline : Applicatie-Ontwikkeling
Grantor of degree : Xios
Department : N-TECH
Awards :
Promotor : Tristan Fransen
External Promotor : José Fanego (Zetes Multicom, Madrid)
Notes :
Embargo : false
Created : 10/10/2012 10:59
Last modified : 08/02/2013 16:05
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