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dc.title : Mobile Communicator Gateway
dc.creator : SCHOUBBEN, Jochen
dc.subject :
dc.description.abstract : Title: Mobile Communicator Gateway By: Jochen Schoubben Supervisors: Martha Ferreira Zetes Buṛtica Veerle Asaert Xios Hogeschool Limburg My final project contains two main tasks. The first task involves refreshing an existent desktop application and also adding some new features. My second task is to develop a client application for PDA's. The desktop application is a server application which was made six years ago. This application allows PDA's to connect so they can access the remote database to gather all the information. My job is to update the layout, this also implies translating the application from Portuguese to English, adjusting the current logging system so it works with a database and finally adding some new features which I will explain later. The other application I have to make is a client application. My job is to make a sort of a kiosk application. This means that the users of this application cannot access the Windows functionalities so they can not open applications which can distract them from their work. This means first of all the application must be able to hide the taskbar and show a custom taskbar. This custom taskbar should still contain information about the battery status and connection status if needed. The user should also be able to start applications that are allowed, for example MS Word. When the user closes this application it should automatically return to the client application and not to the Windows home screen. In addition, the application should be able to connect to the server application in the background so it can send information about the PDA, receive messages from the server or be remotely controlled. All this functionality should also be configurable. Therefore in the server application there has to be a function to set up a specific configuration and then send it to the PDA. If the client application is not installed on the PDA, the server should install the application first and then send the configuration file. Later on the administrator should also be able to adjust the settings in the client application. This means the server application has to be able to show detailed information about the PDA. This contains the battery status, the memory status and the last connection method used to connect to the server. The server should also be able to send messages to the connected PDA's or remotely control the PDA. The server application was originally written in C# so I have to continue working in C#. The client application has to be written in VB.NET because the framework I have to use is also written in VB.NET. The database that is being used is an SQL database. The laptop has Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server Management Studio installed.
dc.publisher : Xios
dc.contributor :
dc.date : 2011
dc.type : Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
dc.format : application/pdf
dc.identifier : http://doksxios.pxl.be/doks/do/record/Get?dispatch=view&recordId=Sxhl8ae680b43a4d5e05013a8da922490048
dc.language : dut
dc.rights : All rights reserved
etd.degree.name : Professionele bachelor Toegepaste Informatica
etd.degree.level : Bachelor
etd.degree.discipline : Applicatieontwikkeling
etd.degree.grantor : Xios


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