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JCI building effeciency business processes alligned to the real project environment

Professionele bachelor elektromechanica Klimatisatie


Abstract :
Johnson Controls is a global company, founded in 1885. The company was started by Mr. Warren Johnson when he invented the first electrical room thermostat. Nowadays Johnson Controls is a diverse technology and industrial leader. The company has 162,000 employees and makes a yearly revenue of 40.5 billion US$. Due to energy efficiency retrofit projects the company has reduced more than 9.8 million tons of COČ emission since 2000. Johnson Controls is made up of three distinct divisions: Building Efficiency, Power Solutions and Automotive Experience.

The JCI UK Slough office where this study was carried out, is part of the Building Efficiency division. This department deals with intelligent HVAC controls: controlling heating and cooling plants, air handling units and energy release elements. All of these a building the ideal living environment. Since Johnson Controls is a large company, every process the company undertakes is written down in a BOS "Business Operating System Manual". In this manual you can find the procedure of processes of Johnson Controls. These processes are similar for every country in the world that JCI is active in, so as to keep the Johnson Controls quality at the same ISO 9001 quality standard all over the world. The problem with the manual is that it is comprehensive and takes some time to navigate to the relative part you require.

The project at Johnson Controls is to deliver a quick and easy electronic document, relevant to the systems business UK for approval and to be successfully embedded in the business processes. The general purpose of the generated flowcharts is to facilitate and promote those internal processes used by the employees and managers.

The applied procedures are achieved by interviewing employees and managers of multiple departments. The outcome of the interviews is to provide a profound view on how processes are executed in real life. The generated flowcharts were adapted in consultation with the managing staff to be in accordance with the required JCI standards.

In order to check the generated flowcharts within the real project environment, it is best to gain hands-on experience in as many of the processes involved. Therefore I spent time working on a number of real projects such as Cisco, Camden and EBC Cisco. This involved on-site working at Cisco Bedford Lakes and some on-site software programming work.

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