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Non conventional 2-stroke engines

Professionele bachelor elektromechanica onderhoudstechnieken


Abstract :
2-stroke engines are very damaging to the environment and very inefficient. Nevertheless, this type of engine is still used in specific applications. They have some advantages over 4-stroke engines, which makes them more useful for these specific applications. They are much simpler and thus cheaper. They have a much better power to weight ratio. And they can work in any orientation without any problems concerning lubrication. This makes them very interesting for jet skis, snowmobiles and hand tools like a chainsaw. Incidentally, 2-stroke engines are used very much in Asia where they are employed in the small motor vehicles such as scooters and taxis.

The aim of this bachelor thesis is examining, and exploring for interesting technologies that can reduce fuel consumption and the emission of 2-stroke engines while maintaining their advantages.

The first technology that is being discussed is an injection system. The reasoning behind this technology is to limit or even eliminate losses that occur in the expulsion of exhaust gases. This is achieved by using pure air and introducing the fuel into the combustion chamber after the exhaust port is closed.

The second technology is a valve in the outlet port that adapts itself depending on the position of the cylinder and the position of the throttle valve. The result is an easy and complete expulsion of the exhaust gases, without the chance for fresh fuel mixture to escape.

The last technology is not yet widely used, but promising, with a view to the future. It is a technology in which self-ignition of the fuel is used, like the ignition of a diesel engine. This results in a cleaner engine with the efficiency of a diesel. However this system is very difficult to control, it is becoming possible with the technologies of nowadays.

This study is made on behalf of the university, Politechnika Krakowska. Politechnika Krakowska is one of the major Polish universities, with each year around 4500 students, spread over 7 faculties. In 2008 Politechnika Krakowska has been elected as the best university in Poland.

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