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dc.title : Game design for hydraulic simulation tables
dc.creator : MARTENS, Alexander
dc.subject :
dc.description.abstract : Title: GAME DESIGN FOR HYDRAULIC SIMULATION TABLES By: Glenn Bergmans Alexander Martens Promoters: Mika Rantaniemi pLAB, Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences Servaas Tilkin XIOS Hogeschool Limburg PLAB is a virtual reality programming laboratory which is located on the premises of the Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences. PLAB specializes in software and measurement technologies and real-time integrated 3D visualization environments. PLAB has also realized many different kinds of solutions from websites to desktop applications. At pLAB there are numerous pieces of advanced electronic equipment such as a virtual reality helmet, large screens with multiple projectors, many computers and servers, the MOOG hydraulics platform, etcetera. We have developed a game that will be used by pLAB to showcase the capabilities of the MOOG combined with the projection system. Currently there is a snowmobile attached to the MOOG platform. The throttle and steering wheel have been rigged to give output to a computer which is linked to the MOOG. The game is a racing simulator which utilizes the snowmobile to give the player a more immersive experience. The project is limited to preparing the game for the MOOG and does not require it to actually move the MOOG. PLAB will use the game during guided tours of the laboratory, at open-door days, and so on. Rovaniemi is the home town of Santa Claus; this gave us the idea of developing a race game where you play as Santa Claus riding on a snowmobile. The goal is to finish the course as fast as possible and to pick up as many presents as you can along the way while avoiding obstacles. Some of the presents will act as temporary power-ups. The game has been developed using the Unity3D integrated development environment. The scripting has been done in C#. We have also created some 3D models using Autodesk 3D Studio Max. We have used Apache Subversion (svn) as repository.
dc.publisher : Xios
dc.contributor :
dc.date : 2012
dc.type : Electronic Thesis or Dissertation
dc.format : application/pdf
dc.identifier : http://doksxios.pxl.be/doks/do/record/Get?dispatch=view&recordId=Sxhl8ae680b43e3eb96f013e5b18810f0012
dc.language : eng
dc.rights : All rights reserved
etd.degree.name : Professionele bachelor Toegepaste Informatica Applicatieontwikkeling
etd.degree.level : Bachelor
etd.degree.discipline : Applicatieontwikkeling
etd.degree.grantor : Xios


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