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Working remotely

LUYTEN, Vincent
Professionele bachelor in de elektronica-ict


Abstract :
This thesis is an extensive description of my internship at Janssen Pharmaceuticals in Beerse. During a period of 9 weeks I have worked at the Pharmaceutical Research and Development Information Technology department.

Computational scientists at Janssen Pharmaceuticals carry out research on drugs using computer analysis in order to discover new medicines. Since it has become a common practice that scientists are working from home at least one day a week, the objective of my internship was to investigate this. How these scientists can work efficiently from different settings and to what extent working remotely affects their everyday job.

The following cases are handled in this regard:

1. A brief introduction of the company Janssen Pharmaceuticals.
2. The approach and the goal of this internship are described. These are based on a survey conducted of the scientists about the possibilities, impossibilities, needs, usability etc. when working remotely.
3. Creating, duplicating and copying a virtual machine of the company's standard operating systems are compared for different tools. On these virtual machines, are the standard tools available and working on remote locations? Are the Centrify user accounts still working?
4. Accessing Janssen Pharmaceuticals' network via their virtual private network connection from different operating systems.
5. On a Windows computer, different tools for remote access and file sharing that can be used when using the virtual private network remotely.
6. On a Linux computer, different tools for remote console access and file sharing that can be used when using the virtual private network remotely.
7. Various tools for remote desktop sharing on different operating systems are tested and compared.
8. The performance and usability of working from home is measured by running jobs with different sets of data at work and at home. The results are plotted and compared.
Different tools to work remotely are proposed. Their advantages and disadvantaged are compared for different setups.
9. The available possibilities to continue a job that has been launched previously are discussed.
10. When working remotely, data needs to be secure according to the guidelines of the company.
11. The scientific tools for data analysis mentioned by scientists are defined.

The final goal would be to empower scientists so they can spend more time on important issues, instead of searching for tools that fit their needs to work more efficiently. Therefore, I hope that this thesis benefits the company in its constant innovation by providing information about the possibilities of home-based workers

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