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Software Development - Scorbot ER V plus

KENIS, Nicky
Professionele bachelor in de elektronica-ict


Abstract :
While there are more advanced and better devices appearing on the market each day, there are still many companies and businesses that use older devices. This is done because it's financially more beneficial.

The Belgium Campus is one of these companies. One of the devices they had purchased was the Scorbot ER V plus. This robot is equipped with six axes and a gripper. A few applications in which these robots are used are pick and place, soldering and welding. Apart from the movement of the robot, the controller also has the ability to read inputs or to control outputs. The robot can be controlled via the teaching pendant or via a PC with the running software on it. The Scorbot is controlled through serial communication (RS-232).

But as everyone knows, every medal has two sides. This also holds for this robot. The original software, called SCORBASE, which is used to control the controller, was written for DOS (graphical command terminal).

At the start of the project I was only told that the robot needed to be controlled by self-written software. On which commando's and text the robot would react was unknown, so it was my task to figure this out. My assignment consisted of examining the communication between the robot and the controller, and this should also be documented. The documentation that has been written includes all steps and actions which are required before the robot can be controlled.
There is also an example compiler written in C# which has all available functions the robot can perform. This example code is available for the students. This way they can get a better view on programming all the functions for the Scorbot, in C#. The intention is that the students will be programming the robot by themselves during the hardware programming classes.

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