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Analysing and optimising packaging for overseas transport

Master in de industriŽle wetenschappen: Verpakkingstechnologie


Abstract :
Steinhoff International is an integrated retailer that also manufactures and sources furniture and household goods in Europe, Africa and the Pacific Rim. The Steinhoff Group has operations all over the world. In South Africa, Steinhoff has a diversified industrial business for wood reclamation and foam production, but it also manufactures furniture there and has a sourcing division. The Steinhoff retailers are situated in Europe (95%) and the Pacific Rim (5%). These retailers still use their own brand and can work in competition with each other, but in the end they all answer to Steinhoff. Some examples of retailers in Europe are: Conforama in France, Harvey's in the UK and POCO in Germany. In the Pacific Rim there is Freedom, Snooze and Bay Leather Republic. Currently the Steinhoff group is expanding the POCO brand to Australia. This means that, in Europe manufactured products have to be packaged in such a way that they can be transported overseas without damaging the products. This study consists of two parts. Firstly, setting up the trade route from Europe to Australia and procuring the required documents that have guidelines concerning the products. This is done by examining the overseas transport that Steinhoff currently uses to transport products from China to Europe and by determining which documents are required to export to Australia. Secondly, it is investigated whether the products can survive the overseas transport without contracting any damages. In case problems arise with specific products, alternative ways to improve the packaging are investigated. In order to get a grasp on the entire range of products they are divided into categories according to their material properties. Along with the division into material categories a database was made. This database is created with the ability to find articles based on their article number or on their product description. The database also gives more information about the product and its packaging. Accompanied with the database is a flowchart matrix that allows employees to add new products to the database themselves. Out of the product categories products are picked that are deemed not able to survive the transport by sea. This is done gradually as the 14.000 products from the Poco range are slimmed down to 3.000 products from which 20 products are chosen that would have the largest impact on the entire range when they would be changed. The products are listed by value, damage risk and quantity transported and the most susceptible and most valuable items are selected. On these products tests are performed in order to get a better idea of the protective capabilities of the products. Their current packaging is assessed and an advice is formulated to improve the overall quality of the packaging.

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