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Boot in Lille

BODART, Sebastien
Professionele bachelor in de toegepaste informatica


Abstract :
Boot in Lille will be a website that will inform people who are interested in technological events and want to keep track of these events without much effort on their part. By subscribing to the website, people can expect a weekly e-mail that provides them with upcoming events that will be held within two weeks of the date on which the e-mail has been sent. In this e-mail, only the events of the type in which they are interested will be shown. Currently there are 4 types: Money, Technology, Business and Development. A user can subscribe to multiple types.
New events can also be created on this website and will give hosts an easy way to make their event known. Of course, some security will be built in to prevent a flush of mock-events created by people with ill intentions.
The e-mails are set up to get the highest amount of data in a compressed style. The user will not be troubled with large amounts of text, but only the necessary information to let him know what an event will be about, when it starts and ends, where it will take place and offer contact details.
In the back end the admins can organize and manipulate the three main categories: users, events and e-mails.
The site will also have a promotional function. Companies will have the opportunity to become 'sponsor of the month' by transferring a specific amount to No Parking. Their logo will then be shown on the website of Boot in Lille.
The entire website is built on the strong backbone of Opentime, the main product of No Parking. The framework used for this project has been custom built by NoParking. PHP, PHP SimpleTest, Jquery, Javascript, HTML and CSS. PHPMyAdmin and MYSQL will be used for the database.
The project is a steppingstone to new features and modules.

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