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Establishing simulations and network environments, focussing on the protection of critical network environments and remote teaching

Professionele bachelor in de toegepaste informatica


Abstract :
During my internship I worked on two projects. The first project was related to the modeling and simulation component of the CAIS-project (Cyber Attack Information System). The second project concentrated on the evaluation of remote education tools.

The first month, I participated in the modeling and simulation research of the CAIS-project. The ultimate goal is to strengthen the resilience of today's interdependent networked services from schools, companies and the government and increase their overall availability and trustworthiness. The main objective for my internship was to create highly modular infrastructure models used in agent-based attack simulations for risk and threat analysis. To carry out this research, the department of IT-security makes use of the Java-based Mason framework which was tailored to their needs to develop an appropriate simulator which is capable of analyzing interdependencies of critical infrastructures. My tasks consisted of three parts: (1) Research the functionality and usability of Gitlab and Gitorious to host the code on the local servers; (2) Configure the document-based database MongoDB to store the output of the simulator; (3) Write code in Java to convert dynamic complex objects with their properties into JSON-objects using recursion and reflection. These JSON-objects will be inserted into MongoDB.

At the lecturers' request, the university is going to offer online courses to students next year. A stable, user-friendly and complete application for teachers and students is required. Webinars will be recorded and stored online to give students the ability to study when it suits them best. To succeed in finding the best application, a thorough and systematic analysis has to be carried out.
The research approach is divided as follows: (1) Define the requirements of the platform in consultation with lecturers and colleagues; (2) Define criteria and scales for the evaluation; (3) Evaluate the strengths and limitations of different applications: Adobe Connect, AnyMeeting, Big Blue Button, Cisco WebEx Training Center, Google Hangout, Microsoft Lync, Office365, Open Meetings and WizIQ; (4) Select candidates: Adobe Connect, AnyMeeting, Big Blue Button and WiZiQ; (5) Configure test environments; (6) Implement proof of concept: Several colleagues from IT-security will participate in the proof of concept. During this proof of concept, I will explain the functionality and limitations of the application. During this webinar, data usage will be measured. These webinars will be tested on different network environments to find out the quality of the application, using low and high bandwidth.

The results of the evaluation will be used to decide which environment is used for online teaching next semester. The implementation of the system will be carried out in a separate project during the summer holidays. The go-live of the system will be September 2013 when the first courses of the winter semester start.

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