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Analysis and development of a social platform

HUSSON, Kenneth
DRIES, Roberto
Professionele bachelor in de toegepaste informatica


Abstract :
Belgium Campus previous administration system and web platform was written in VB.NET and not in a modular way. The Belgium Campus wanted to add new features to their system but this wasn't possible because it wasn't built on a modular way. Therefore they wanted to start from scratch and build a modular system written in C#. It was necessary to create a blueprint of the entire platform, to develop the web service and to make a part of the student platform. The entire platform is a medium to communicate and share data between students, teachers and staff members. This student portal exists of modules where students can see announcements, communicate with each other and see their tests and assignments.
It was important to make a proper analysis of the entire platform. Therefore use cases, state diagrams and sequence diagrams are used. The portal communicates with the web service, this makes a future implementation of mobile clients possible. The web service is made in the ASP.NET WEB API. The entire web application is made in a generic way with the use of reflection. As the focus on the Belgium campus is on .NET, the client has been developed in C# making use of the ASP.NET framework. To give the client a fresh look there was made use of the HTML5 and CSS3.
The blueprint can be used as a guideline for future developers of the platform. The big advantage is that they can easily see how everything was made without reading every existing module. The web service is made generic so future implementation of new classes and modules to the application are possible without making changes to the existing modules.

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